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Bedtime Travels: Fall Asleep Faster

Audio course that will help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.
Emerald Catron

Flo editor, avid traveler, women's health advocate

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Audio course that will help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.
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    Bedtime Travels 101

    You will learn why sleep is important and how you can improve it by creating a night routine. We will also talk about why bedtime stories work for adults and how can they help you fall asleep easier.

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    Vibrant Morocco

    Fall asleep dreaming of Morocco, as you stroll along the sky-blue buildings and enjoy a camel ride to the desert.

  • 3
    Divine Indonesia

    Drift off and relax on the white-sand beaches of Bali, visit ancient temples, and dive into the ocean to meet exotic sea creatures.

  • 4
    Dazzling Iceland

    Close your eyes and imagine the cold beauty of the island with its hot springs, black beaches, and the bright colors of the Aurora Borealis.

  • 5
    Captivating Peru

    Doze off and find yourself in Peru, canoeing down the Amazon river, exploring the jungle, and trekking to the ancient ruins.

  • 6
    Dreamy Tuscany

    Go to bed and let yourself be carried away to the sunlit wheat fields and cobbled city streets of the most romantic region of Italy.

  • 7
    Enigmatic Japan

    Lie down and give yourself over to ethereal visions of the countryside, the pristine beauty of nature, and long-lived traditions.

  • 8
    Extraordinary Australia

    Shut your eyes and dive into the deep waters of the Great Barrier Reef or hike around the most sacred places of this awe-inspiring continent.