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Getting Pregnant 101

Lubna Pal, MBBS

Professor of Ob/Gyn & Reproductive Sciences, Reproductive Endocrinology, Yale University School of Medicine, USA

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    Check whether your lifestyle is optimized to conceive. Spoiler alert: It’s all about nutrition, sleep, and physical activity.

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    Important Medical Examinations

    Learn which doctors to visit, which tests to get, and how to take control of chronic conditions before you start trying for a baby.

  • 3
    The Best Time to Get Pregnant

    Find out whether you need to change your sex schedule for a successful conception.

  • 4
    Stress and Planning a Pregnancy

    Make getting ready for pregnancy as calm and comfortable for yourself as possible.

  • 5
    Pregnancy Tests

    Compare the ways different pregnancy tests work. And then learn to do them correctly, so you don’t miss the good news.